Our Mission

We think differently about medical devices startups – we know the end game before we start.

We seek the best and brightest medical devices and teams to create outstanding companies and impact lives.  We work with founding teams to script a future for the venture and then work closely with the founders to realize the vision.  We understand developing and commercializing medical devices.  We provide smart money and critical expertise.  Come work with us.

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Our Partners

We target three segments: cardiovascular, orthopedics, and healthtech/wearables/analytics. We invest in five companies per year, and only five, because we devote considerable time and energy to their success.  We perform a 57-point diligence evaluation of your company from which we develop clear product development, regulatory, commercialization, and exit plans.  We have proven this model works.  The principals of the fund have created over $3.5B in market capitalization in 10 companies over the last 25 years.  Come work with us.

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